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"Many thanks to you and your lovely wife Eva for a FANTASTIC Casino Party!
I've planned many social events but thanks to you, this was the best ever. Lots of comments from my neighbors, "we were having so much fun, we didn't want to quit, please book them again next year!"
Homeowners Association

On Sunday, October 23, Funtastic Events managed a Customer Appreciation Event that took place in the form of a Blackjack

There was spirited competition and the players came from all over the US, Puerto Rico and Brazil.

The participants exhibited various skill levels, with some beginners at the table, as well as a few advanced players.

There were two rounds of competition, eliminating the weaker players in the first round.

While luck was involved, the stronger Blackjack players were represented at the final table.

The final round of Blackjack left three players remaining, any of which could win the tournament. 

Players helped each other out, offering free advice and strategy.

In a close match, Mark won the Blackjack Tournament and was planning on driving the Range Rover home to Connecticut.

Congratulations Mark!


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